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Sites of the Week: Bolden, Aaron Porter, Jeffrey Peltzman and more

This week is a selecion of portfolio only. Yes, all awesome portfolios with a simple e elegante interface to show them. You can say that the design are very similar but in my opinion they are beautiful and reach what a great portfolio must be, I mean, give the importance to the work that is been featuring.

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Patrik Huebner – http://www.patrik-huebner.com/
I create real-time animations, programmed illustrations and audio-reactive art using generative algorithms and creative coding approaches.


Jeffrey Peltzman – http://jeffreypeltzman.com/
Jeffrey Peltzman is a designer living and working in Upstate New York. He has been developing creative solutions to design problems for over ten years.


Koto – http://www.studiokoto.co/
Working in collaboration with the internal team we established success criteria of a simple, modern and digital brand which lead to the successful outcome.


Bolden – http://www.bolden.nl/
Bolden is a design and development agency based in Amsterdam, we are specialised in online platforms, e-commerce and web applications.


Aaron Porter – http://aaronporter.co/
My name is Aaron Porter and I am a designer, filmmaker, and creative based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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