Affinity Photo

Today we have moved Affinity Photo from beta to Release Candidate 1. This means we are getting very close to the version we plan to release on the Mac App Store as we now focus our efforts on fixing known issues and adding polish before launch.

You can get the first release candidate now using the link below.

Get Release Candidate 1

We’d really appreciate you taking a look and continue to let us know of any problems you find on our forums at forums. We should say that we will no longer be prioritising new features from this point until release, but please keep any feature ideas or requests coming as we will continually be developing the product and adding new features in regular updates post-release.

Of course we’ll be letting you know as soon as Affinity Photo is released on the Mac App Store – which is only in a matter of weeks now!

We hope you continue to enjoy using Affinity Photo, and as always any questions, suggestions and feedback are gratefully received on our forums, Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks again for all your support!