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フェイスブック開発者が考えだした方法は、360度動画を、球面ではなく複数の面としてとらえるというもの。フェイスブック上にて、ソフトエアエンジニアのDavid Pioさんの解説動画が公開されています。

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Encoding for 360 Video and VR

Both 360 video and VR provide immersive viewing experiences, but this richness comes with a set of new and complex engineering challenges. The large file sizes can be an impediment to delivering video quickly in a quality manner at scale, and the videos can appear distorted during playback. We solved these challenges with new software that transforms 360 video from the standard equirectangular format into either cube maps or pyramid layouts, which reduces the file size without sacrificing quality or resolution.

Facebook Engineeringさんの投稿 2016年1月21日木曜日

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